4WD / ATVs

Saving Time & Energy
Kept fueled and ready to go 24 hours a day, our ATVs (all-terrain vehicle) are our workhorses. They save us time and energy. All members are encouraged to learn to use them. But no matter how experienced the driver, accidents can happen. So we don’t like to send out only 1 vehicle.

We have 1 person 4X4 ATVs, 1 person 6X6 ATVs and multi-occupant 6X6 Polaris Rangers. One-rider ATVs are used to transport GCSAR members and their equipment. During "hasty searches" they provide mobile platforms from which to scan for people, evidence of tracks or other disturbances. We’ve marked landing zones with them after dark and the smaller ones can be driven onto our newest raft and transported across rivers saving drive time to some of our more remote areas.
Our Polaris Rangers are designed to carry 1 or 2 passengers as well as the driver. Each has also been modified to carry a litter. On an "ambulance assist" the passenger is often an EMT with their equipment. Depending on the condition of the injured party, the EMT may direct us to find and mark a helicopter landing zone for an air evaluation or carry the person out in either the litter or sitting next to the EMT.

With fewer than 9,000 full time residents living in a county of 3,600 square miles, our ATVs are important tools.